Green Steam Carpet Clean
Cleaning Carpets By Bike
Jeff Johnson

Method of Cleaning

  The method of cleaning is hot water extraction, Known as steam cleaning. Verry verry hot water is mixed with Organic detergent pressurized then sprayed deep into the pile of the carpet by the wand and extracted.

   A century 400 Ninja is used to clean. This machine has a heater and a dual stage vacuum motor; Making it a highly
capable machine. The Ninja creates pressure up to 500 psi. the pressure is adjustable for different types of carpet. This machine is electric and made in America.

 Oriental, Wool and Area rug's can be cleaned on site or taken into Green Steam's shop. If the rug is taken in to the shop a pre soak is sprayed on to the rug, good for restoring fibers and color. It is then cleaned three times on the top side dried dried with air movers then cleaned three times on the bottom side. Again the rugs are dried out by air movers. If there are tassels they would cleaned and treated to ensure a long life. The rug(s) are then returned dry.
 All Upholstery is cleaned with a hand attachment made for upholstery cleaning. For vehicles anywhere there is upholstery will be cleaned including the trunk. Cleaning upholstery is not only good for getting dirt and grime out, It is also very good for restoring fibers and color. If needed an odor eliminator can be included free of charge.   
 All products Green Steam Carpet clean approves of are Organic and Highly Effective. Safe for people and pets.

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